of extreme
scale and
complex data

The Cluster – AI and Big Data Analysis for emergency situation and Extreme Data exploitation

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CREXDATA will develop a generic platform for real-time critical situation management, flexible action planning and agile decision using extreme scale and complex data


Develop an extreme-scale data ingestion and fusion toolbox and realistic  simulation models and tools 

Create real-time predictive knowledge
and forecasts including federated
learning, complex event forecasting
under uncertainty and techniques for

Reduce perceived
complexity via
graphical workflow
design and visual
anlaytics coupled
with eXplainable AI approaches and
augmented reality
under uncertainty


use case

Ingest and fuse extreme data to
improve situation awareness that
informs decisions in weather emergency

Health crisis
use case

Integration of epidemiological and
multi-scale simulation models with machine learning to support
decision-making in health crises

use case

Real-time route forecasting to
ensure safeter navigational routes

Recap of CREXDATA activities

Recap of CREXDATA activities

As we enter the final stretch of 2023, let’s have a recap and highlight some activities so far. CREXDATA joined hands with partners like City of Dortmund Fire Department (FDDO), Universität Paderborn (UPB), and Deutsches Rettungsrobotik Zentrum (DRZ) and participated...

TEMA High-level webinar: AI4Sustainability

TEMA High-level webinar: AI4Sustainability

“How can artificial intelligence be used to increase societal resilience to climate changes and extreme natural events? “ The TEMA High-level webinar, themed “AI4Sustainability: How can artificial intelligence be used to increase societal resilience to climate...