Use Case 1

Pillar I - Manufacturing

Weather emergencies use case

The purpose of this use case is to improve situational awareness significantly so that informed decisions are taken by civil protection  considering ranked future worlds with explicit uncertainties avoiding  disaster impacts. Use case validation is performed in reproducible test bed scenarios and in 4 field trials.

Use Case 2

Pillar II - Climate

Health crisis use case

The purpose of this use case is to integrate epidemiological and multi-scale simulations models with large-scale machine learning, to help develop a generalizable and flexible analytical platform for supporting decision-making processes, such as designing strategies for health crisis responses, as well as treatment optimization.

Use Case 3

Pillar III - Urgent computing for natural hazards

Maritime use case

The purpose of this use case is to develop the first solution, combining hardware and software development, that will be able to use data coming from a vessel’s VDR, which will be fused with global views of data creating reliable digital twins of vessels. It will develop the first weather and emergency routing and route forecasting solutions that will be performed for all vessels of a fleet simultaneously (instead of on-demand requests per vessels) and that will rely on big data and AI technologies.