Maritime use case

This use case seeks to increase safety while reducing accidents at sea (in 2020 alone 2632 accidents occurred in European Waters according to European Maritime Safety Agency). This will be achieved by increasing the situation awareness through a novel data- and AI-driven approach to forecast a maritime event as early as possible to save actionable time in order to prevent it. 



The use case will:

  • develop a novel IoT device that will access the data contained in a vessel’s VDR, the “black box” of a vessel, in real-time
  •  fuse the local views of this data with global data (e.g., AIS and Copernicus data) creating the digital twin of a vessel, 
  •  develop highly scalable route forecasting algorithms for all vessels of a fleet simultaneously (instead of on-demand requests per vessels). 


In addition, streams of simulated vessel positions, events, and weather conditions will be created to optimize the navigation of a vessel under certain conditions. Finally, the use case will be validated in a sea trial experiment, where the end-users will be able to view the forecast motion of vessels in the future, together with the confidence level of each predicted route

Other Use Cases

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