Annual Conference of The Association of the German Fire Service

Date: May 6, 2024
Location: Magdeburg, Germany

We are delighted to report a significant accomplishment for the #CREXDATA project at the recent vfdb 2024 Annual Conference. Our poster, titled “Situation visualization, action planning, and decision support: Making extreme data usable,” was awarded the Best Poster Prize, showcasing the collaborative efforts of our team and the innovative strides we are making in the field of emergency management using AI technologies.


  • Paderborn University: Jens Pottebaum, Marcel Ebel, Deniz Özcan, Iris Gräßler
  • Dortmund Fire Department: Sylvia Pratzler-Wanczura, Enes Derin, Oliver Krüger
  • German Rescue Robotics Center: Ivana Kruijff, Merlin Stampa

Highlights from the Poster: The poster presented new methodologies for using advanced AI to improve decision-making in extreme weather scenarios. Key points included:

  • Integration of the ARGOS system for enhanced situational awareness.
  • Development of predictive models for emergency personnel deployment.
  • Utilization of Explainable AI (XAI) to improve transparency and usability in crisis situations.

Implications for Future Research and Application: The recognition received at the vfdb conference reinforces the project’s relevance and potential impact on improving public safety and emergency response strategies. Going forward, the project team will focus on further developing these technologies, testing them in real-world scenarios.

Check the newspiece on the poster winning Best Poster of the conference.