First evaluation in CREXDATA: What’s the feedback of our end users?

Date: June 26, 2024

The CREXDATA project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme, has recently conducted successful field trials in Innsbruck, Austria, and Dortmund, Germany. These trials are a significant milestone in our mission to leverage cutting-edge data analytics, Augmented Reality and AI technologies for improved decision-making in crisis management.

Innsbruck Trials

On June 10, 2024, the first set of trials took place in Innsbruck, focusing on real-time data integration and analysis for natural disaster response. Participants from various partner organizations, including the Technical University of Crete and the Disaster Competence Network Austria, collaborated to test new Augmented Reality AI-driven tools designed to enhance the speed and accuracy of emergency responses.

Augmented Reality trials in Innsbruck

Dortmund Trials

Following the Innsbruck trials, a second round of testing occurred in Dortmund on June 12, 2024. These trials concentrated on urban crisis scenarios, demonstrating the CREXDATA system’s ability to manage data from multiple sources, including social media, weather sensors, and emergency services. The Dortmund Fire Department played a crucial role in these trials, providing real-world insights and feedback.

Key Outcomes

The trials in both cities were highly successful, showcasing the potential of CREXDATA’s technology to transform crisis management. Key outcomes include:

  • Improved data integration from diverse sources
  • Enhanced real-time analytics for quicker decision-making
  • Positive feedback from emergency response teams
The CREXDATA team in Innsbruck

Next Steps

The CREXDATA team will now analyze the data collected during these trials to refine our systems further. We are committed to continuous improvement and look forward to presenting our findings at upcoming conferences and workshops.

For more detailed information on the CREXDATA project and to stay updated on our progress, follow us on Twitter @CREXDATA_EU and LinkedIn CREXDATA LinkedIn.

Stay tuned for more updates as we advance towards our goal of revolutionizing crisis management through innovative data solutions.